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AIG: American International Group

For their car insurance coverage, AIG tends to lean toward the higher-end, more wealthy clientele based on their name and overall standing in the industry. Their rates tend to be higher than those offered by the other, larger carriers such as GEICO, Progressive and Allstate.

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Customer Satisfaction Ratings

AIG Insurance receives generally reviews for their claims service, and poor reviews for their customer service since the firm does not have a wide array of local agents around the country in order to to provide a level of personal interaction that many may be used to from their provider. Most of AIG's interactions will happen via the telephone and Internet which leaves many feeling cold and left out.

Financial Stability & Claims Payment Ability

Quite obviously, AIG financial services has been large in the national and international news lately due to their investment arm being the recipient of billions of dollars in government funds from the so-called TARP and Stimulus bills passed by congress. The company posted a more than $61 billion worth of losses in the 4th quarter of 2008, though S&P and Poor's still rate the company with an A, albeit with a negative outlook. Given the company's traditionally high-end target market and upscale offerings, during this current economic crisis, their outlook as a positive auto insurer is fairly bleak. If reorganizations have to come about in the company, it could cause serious issues with their ability to manage claims, sending their current customers scrambling to find coverage with another provider. When shopping for a plan, the most important thing, though customers don't think about it, is that the carrier be reliable and able to pay claims in a timely fashion. Failure to do so could result in legal liability from a claimant involved in an accident with you. We have no choice but to give the provider a rating of C- and do not trust their long-term ability to remain viable. AIG Insurance services offers policies to cover just about every situation that life can throw at you including:

  • Auto & Motor Vehicle
  • High Net Worth
  • Home & Property
  • Life
  • Health Related
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Travel Coverage