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Progressive Auto Insurance Review

Progressive auto insurance is sold directly from Progressive and indirectly through brokerage services, which sets them apart from some of the other leading providers. They also offer quick quotes through their website and the quotes you get back include rates from their competitors so you can see how their prices stack up against competitors. One might suspect that they do this because the quoted price for their policies will always be the best, but according to numerous consumer reports this is not the case at all. The company does not factor in any discounts policyholders might be eligible for from their competitors and they have a disclaimer encouraging people to contact the other companies directly to find out about additional discounts. A.M. Best is the leading consumer watchdog company that ranks auto insurers based on a number of criteria including their financial solvency and their willingness and ability to pay out claims when necessary. The provider has received an A+ or superior rating from A.M. Best and receives similar reviews from other such services. Although some feedback sites list complaints about the usability of their website, Progressive Auto insurance's website took top honors in for their service category in 2008 in a ranking study by Keynote, a company that ranks websites based on design and performance. In their own study, J.D. Powers, a leading consumer product rating firm, reviewed the insurer based on feedback surveys. All companies reviewed were rated on customer satisfaction in the following categories; Overall Experience, Policy Offerings, Pricing, Billing and Payment and Contacting the Insurer. In each category companies were given a rating from 1 to 5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

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  • Overall Experience: Progressive Scored a 3, leaving them slightly above average when compared against the other companies.
  • Policy Offerings: The carrier again scored a 3. This means that according to customers, the provider's policy options and products are above average.
  • Pricing: Here the carrier gets a 3, meaning they may not be the cheapest, but fair better with pricing than some.
  • Billing and Payment: Once again, the carrier scores a 3. This means that their available methods for billing customers are above average, but perhaps not the best out there.
  • Contacting the Insurer: The company gets another 3 here

The insurer scoring at a three out of five in all categories, comes across as a slightly above average insurer in the JD Powers study. However, additional searchers for direct consumer reviews and opinions, on sites like show that those who use this provider are satisfied with their claims service. Given that they offer quotes from competitors and reading consumer opinions on their claims service would seem to put them another step ahead of that. Overall the carrier seems like a solid insurer and their website is worth going to, even if just to see how their pricing compares with other insurance companies you might be considering.