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The Information Exchange: What you Have to Give Other Drivers

It happened in the blink of an eye: a car accident. You're not even sure what happened, or maybe you know exactly what happened - either way, you are upset and flustered, and possibly even embarrassed if you believe the accident was your fault. After checking to make sure the other driver and passenger(s) (if any) are okay, the other motorist wants to exchange information with you - but what do you give? What are your obligations?

It's Not Your Fault

Even if you think the accident was your fault, even if the other motorist is railing at you for the accident accusing you of being at fault, even if it seems obvious that you caused this accident to go down - DON'T ADMIT IT. Be apologetic that the incident happened. Be sympathetic. Be compassionate, but never admit that the accident was your fault, there may be mitigating factors that you are unaware of that may take some of the liability off of you, but if you admit to the blame and witnesses hear you doing so, it can only hurt you and your insurance company.

Offer All Relevant Contact Information

The key piece of information you should give is your insurance card to show your compliance with state laws in maintaining the minimum levels of insurance required. In addition, you will want to let the motorist jot down your license plate number, your driver's license number as well as provide a phone number. You do not have to provide your home address and if you do not feel comfortable doing so, don't.

Or Wait for the Authorities

If your incident has caused the other motorist to get...heated you might want to wait for the police officers to arrive on the scene before exchanging details. Sometimes people can let their emotions in a situation like that get the best of them and they can be hard (or dangerous) to work with. Do not feel under any circumstances that you are required to put yourself at risk if you feel unsafe in order to provide someone else with your insurance details. Call the police, sit in your car and wait.

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