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Are Steering Wheel Locks Worth It?

It would be nice to believe that no one would try to steal our vehicles, but it happens, so we turn to a variety of vehicle security systems. Some are more effective than others. Some of us use steering wheel locks. These are one of a number of simple security devices commonly referred to as visual deterrents. They are referred to as visual deterrents because they can be seen and are meant to tell thieves that your car will be more difficult to steal.

They typically consist of two interlocking pieces and are meant to secure your steering wheel in place, so that even if a thief manages to break into and start your automobile, they cannot drive it. This is of course all in theory and the reality of theft deterrence if another story altogether. In reality, They may prevent an impromptu thief, say someone trying to steal a quick getaway vehicle, from choosing your car or truck. However, for someone who is engaging in auto theft they serve as little more than a nuisance and there are numerous ways that they can be defeated.

Steering wheels themselves are not made of the same tough material that these locks are and thieves taking cars armed with These devices commonly cut through a portion of the wheel and remove the lock that way. On some cheaper devices, a thief can blast the mechanism with Freon and then simply shatter the device. Experience card thieves carry tools and some bring their own steering wheels with them so that if there is a theft-deterrent mechanism, they can simply remove the steering wheel, lock and all, and replace it with the one they brought along. There is even a specialized tool for locksmiths that is designed to break the devices and you can be sure that if these professionals have it, thieves will find a way to get their own.

When you are considering security measures, it is best to consider the value of your auto and how desirable a your automobile is to thieves. A truly determined thief will almost always find a way to defeat security measures, but some security systems are better than others. Look online or ask your insurance company to find out what cars and trucks are stolen most often in your area. If you drive a rare, expensive or frequently stolen vehicle type, then one of these devices might not be worth it for you and you should consider a more effective vehicle security system. Perhaps an alarm and GPS enabled tracking system. Whatever you choose be sure you know where the holes in the security system are and consider how you can go the extra mile to plug them. You can read more about shoring up your security in the article Top 10 Ways to Steal a Car (and how to defend against them) at the popular car site

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