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Review of AAA Auto Insurance

AAA, formerly known as the American Automobile Association, is a non-profit organization and lobby group. AAA also offers life, homeowners, and vehicle insurance. Although AAA is headquartered in Florida, AAA policies are offered by individual clubs assigned to specific states or regions.

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Overview of AAA

AAA is one of the oldest providers in the U.S. In addition to issuing private-passenger car policies, AAA also lobbies on behalf of motorist issues. AAA began in 1902 as an organization that petitioned to have roads built or repaired in order to make them safer for drivers. Now over 100 years old, AAA is widely recognized for its quality vehicle coverage, travel guides, and roadside assistance.

Unique Discounts

Members of AAA can qualify for substantial savings on various types of plans. AAA offers medical, dental, home, life, travel, and car insurance. With auto policies, customers can choose from a number of coverage options ranging from liability-only to full-coverage policies. One of the most unique features of AAA is the large discount policyholders receive for purchasing their vehicle, home, and life policies from AAA. Moreover, if a policyholder has a collision with another AAA vehicle, the insurer will reduce the policyholder's deductible by $250.

Provision of Policies

The distribution of AAA is unlike that of any other insurer. AAA policies are provided by the individual club of the policyholder's state or region. The state-specific club is a subsidiary of the AAA parent company. For instance, policyholders who live in Southern California will be covered by the Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC). For customer satisfaction purposes, AAA is typically referred to as the Automobile Club Group (ACG).

Customer Service

The organization has an excellent reputation for customer service, although the level of service may vary considerably from state to state. For instance, the aforementioned Southern California club (ACSC), an affiliate of AAA, is well-known for its high customer satisfaction ratings on overall experience, pricing, and policy offerings. AAA's main insurance company, ACG, did not perform as well on the 2008 J.D. Power and Associates survey. ACG received three out of five stars on every rating factor except policy offerings, for which it received four out of five stars.