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We Give You Access to Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Almost all insurers offer a free auto insurance quote through their sites or agents, but these estimates often turn out to be costlier than you might think. In many cases, a "free quote" comes with strings attached. For instance, you might have to commit to purchase a policy from the carrier or agent in order to obtain the estimate. We don't believe shoppers should have to pay just to see how much coverage will cost. For this reason, we provide you the ability to compare pricing 24 hours a day with no obligation to buy. Unlike competing sites, when we give you this service absolutely free, we mean it.

No-Cost Comparison Service

What sets our site apart from others offering pricing estimates is how we deliver our information. When you deal with insurers directly through their official Websites, you will receive only one prospective rate on a policy offered by that provider. By contrast, we will gather several prospective rates from carriers for you and give you the opportunity to view them side by side. And we provide this time-saving service at no charge to our visitors. In many ways, this comparison service is even more valuable than the free quote itself.

No Strings Attached

Perhaps you're a little skeptical about the promises we have outlined up until now. Surely, you say, there must be some catch. In reality, our free service is truly obligation-free. Our site has the credibility that comes with independence; we do not affiliate with any particular carrier. In other words, we are not tied to any carriers, so we have no incentive to obligate you to purchase a certain policy. Our objective is to give you the most affordable and relevant pricing information and figures we can. We leave the decision whether and what to buy entirely up to you.

The Most Dependable Source

We've already pointed out why free rates obtained directly from carriers' sites are not all they're cracked up to be. The same principle extends to information offered agents and brokers. A broker, for example, might be willing to give you a free estimate, but he/she will also take commission from the policy you buy. Of course, you can always choose not to buy, but you will have to do so in a high-pressure, sales-oriented environment. We can provide you the same high-quality, no-cost estimates without any pressure or obligation. We are the web's most reliable source for free auto insurance information.

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