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Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Online shopping for auto insurance has almost completely supplanted dated, conventional methods of obtaining quotes, such as visiting an agent or broker or phoning individual carriers. The growing consumer preference for viable comparison shopping options is not a baseless one—looking at prices side-by-side offers speed, cost savings, and convenience that no other medium can match. You no longer need to deal with several carriers one on one or even consult a broker or agent to find the right policy at a competitive price.

Equalizing the Playing Field

Before sites like ours provided competitive offers from various reputable providers, a tremendous power differential existed between consumers and insurer. This differential was based on a disparity of knowledge. Carriers had easy access to competitors' prices, but without the Internet, consumers did not have the same luxury. Agents and brokers had a similar advantage over uninformed potential customers.

Now, however, the ability to use the Internet to get pricing estimates levels the playing field. Carriers, agents, brokers, and consumers like you have essentially identical access to the full spectrum of coverage options available and at what prices. The end result is an empowered, informed shopper that makes the marketplace an infinitely more competitive one. On our site, with the click of a button, you can view rates from several leading carriers, thereby forcing the companies to compete head to head for your business. Online quotes, properly obtained, now in fact give you, the consumer, the upper hand over insurers.

Access to Industry Expertise

In spite of the overwhelming benefits we can offer, you might balk at the idea of soliciting pricing information using the web because you fear that the expert consultation piece is lacking. That is, you're not comfortable shopping on the Internet because you believe sites cannot offer you the same personalized, authoritative advice that a broker or agent could. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth if you're using a reputable, quality site like ours.

First, we devote the vast majority of our pages to publishing up-to-date, relevant articles on auto-insurance-related topics intended to inform your pursuit of a well-appointed policy that is fairly priced. These blogs and articles are written by industry veterans who have just as much expertise and experience as agents and brokers, but they differ from those professionals in one important respect—they are objective. Because we are not beholden to any particular company, you can trust our pricing estimates and information to be impartial and accurate. Additionally, we invite our visitors to contact our customer service representatives via email or phone at any time if they would like one-on-one attention or guidance, and, unlike agents and brokers, we offer this service free of charge/commission incentives.

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